MadCharts Trading Academy,-Main Online Course

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1. Before We Start
-My Objective with this Course
-How to Approach this Course
2. Introduction to Forex
-What is Forex
-Currency Pairs
-Bid-Ask Prices
-The Spread
-Trading Sessions
3. Let’s Get You Set Up
-Choosing a Broker
-Navigating through MT4
-Main Analyzing Platform
-TradingView Navigation
-Forex Factory
-My Templates and Chart Coolors
4. Phase 1
-Candlestick Part 1
-Identifying the Trend Part 1
-Importance of the Higher Timeframe
-Trading in High Volume Times
-Exhaustion and Exhaustion Wicks
-Support and Resistance Part 1
5. Phase 2
-Candlestick Part 2
-Identifying the Trend Part 2
-Let’s Have a Serious Talk
-Support and Resistance Part 2
-Daily and Weekly Zones
-Equilibrium Zones
-Wick Fills Part 1
6. Phase 3
-Exhaustion and Exhaustion Wicks Part 2
-Wick Fills Part 2
-Different Key Strokes
-Market Structure
7. Phase 4
-Entry Type 1
-Entry Type 2
-Candlestick Maturity
-Putting Phase 1 Together
-Putting Phase 2 Together
-Putting Phase 3 Together
-Putting it all Together
8. Fundamentals
-Looking at the Numbers
-Fundamental Exercise
9. The Madblock Concept
-The Logic Behind the Madblock
-Trade Timings
-Madblock Methods and Examples
-Confluence with the Madblock
-Nasdaq 100
10. The Psychological Trader
-Lower your Expectations
-How to handle Losses
-Overtrading Part 1
-Overleveraging Part 1
-Motivational MadCharts
11. The Disciplined Trader
-Journaling your trades
-When to Give Your Trades a Second Chance
-Staying Consistent
12. The Mad Trader – MadStrat
-The Madstrat
13. Webinars


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