Scientific Trading Machine by Nicola Delic


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Release date: 29/11/2016
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Nikola Delic started trading at age 17 and was soon managing millions for others.
This award-winning math genius has now created a truly scientific approach to trading that is unlike any other trading system ever offered.
Nicola has appeared on TV, blogs, interviews, and some of the best-known trading and investing websites in the world.
Banks and institutions pay him up to $25,000 just for in-depth analysis using his proprietary trading methods.
When he announced that he was going to start a Hedge Fund, he was oversubscribed in days and it never dropped below $10 Million.
Nicola has massive proof in the form of live money account trades and statements showing that this makes real money.
Numerous results from others proving that his new system could work for anyone.

Content100% original, Full, Complete product (including indicators update + future bonuses and updates)
DVD #1 how to master technical trading fast through the power of science.
DVD #2 I show you on STM charts how to use technical trading analysis, your Control Panel, and mechanical criteria to make split-second trading decisions that are right, and profitable.
DVD #3 I explain all the Control Center Data and how it shows up with solid buy and sell signals, courtesy of “Signal X!”
DVD #4 gets you up to speed trading just like I do. You get to follow me as I trade various pairs, in all kinds of aggressive and conservative setups, all recorded live in real time.
Basic Package ready !!
Update Webinars & Bonus Indicators will be sent step by step officially by weekly basis !!

Recent weekly updates:
Update: Webinar,FXProfitWave System,MoneyDot System and STM Control Center additional for Suffix Brokers.
Update 1: Webinar 1 – Easy Way To Find & Confirm Set-Ups.mp4 and STM_MarketMovers Indicator.
Update 2: Webinar+002,The+Supply+&+Demand+Code.pptx and STM_SD.ex4.
Update 3: Webinar+003-Market Correlation.mp4,STM_Correlation.ex4,STM Cheat Sheet Created by Sudent and STM_MarketMovers Update.
Update 4: Webinar 4+Trading Fundamentals,STM_AlertDots.ex4 and STM_Timer.ex4.
Update 5: Webinar+005+Signal X and STM_Timer_v2.ex4.
Update 6: Webinar 6 System X Advanced,System+X+Cheat+Sheet,and STM WatchList Alert Dots 2 & Quicktrader.
Update 7: Webinar+007 System X ,2 Vid-How To Build Your Watch List and STM Alert.
Update 8: Webinar+008+The Complete Guide To Understand Trader Psychology,Trading Candlestick Patterns Like a Pro and Trading Plans.
Update 9: Webinar+009 Using Fibonacci For Better results and STM Alert-V2 (Indicators and template).
Update 10: Webinar 10-How to become a successful trader,STM_RiskCalculator.ex4 and STM Phase Templates.
Update 11: Webinar 11 How To improve Results With HTF Approach and pdf.
Update 12: Webinar 12 – Top 15 Tips to Improve your trading,STM_RiskCalculator.ex4 and STM_RiskDesk.ex4.
Update 13: Webinar 13 – System X In Futures & Commodities.mp4 and STM_SuperTrend Indicators.
Update 14: Webinar 14 – Volatility Advanced.
Update 15: Webinar 15 – How To Become A phenominal Trader.mp4.
Update 16: Webinar 16.

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