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Automatic trading robot SensorSystem

Sustainable robot, designed for permanent profit, does not require the involvement of large resources. This is a multi-level autonomous system, which, by a variety of indicators, searches for areas of accumulation of potential price activity, and at the moment of the origin of the price movement wave enters the market, calculating profit-taking levels in the zones of guaranteed price passage. Suitable for those who like quiet trade.

Timeframe: H1
Type: medium term.
Deposit: from $100

This robot works as follows, at the beginning of the day the analysis of price movement begins, the hour from which the analysis begins (set in the input parameters). Based on this analysis and the inherent filters for filtering out days with false signals, the robot makes a decision about the justification of trading on this day. Next, carrying out a differential analysis of the trend of price movement and, it calculates the opening point of orders. The sizes of SL and TP are calculated depending on the price range and the predicted price movement potential. Three orders are opened with different specific gravities. Optimization of the specific weight of the lot of each order is optimized in the tester.

Maintenance orders is performed by two algorithms:
1 algorithm:at the moment of closing the first order by TP, the other two orders are modified so that their SL level and the opening level of the price match, they are rearranged to the level without loss.
2 algorithm: At the moment of closing the first order on the TP, the remaining two orders are modified so that the SL level is at a level at which the following condition is met: the profit from the closing of the first order on the TP is equal to the loss from the closing of the other two SL.Important: when optimizing, consider the time zone and the transition to winter-summer time.


  Сomment of SET   Comment on the setting.
  Magic   Magic orders on this currency pair.
  Moneymanagement   Lot calculation block.
  Progressive lot   If true, then a progressive lot will be used / if false, a fixed lot will be used.
  Lot for 1000 deposits   The setting is used if the value is “true – progressing the lot”. Lot will be taken for every 1000 deposit. (for example, the setting is 0.56, and the deposit is $ 350. Lot orders = 350/1000 * 0.56 = 0.196. The order will open with lot 0.20.)
  Fixed lot   The setting is used if it is set to “false – progressive lot”. The order will be opened with the lot specified in this setting.
  Lot distribution   Block allocation of the lot for the three orders.
  % of lot for fist order   33.33 – percentage of the total lot for opening the first order (the first order is the one with TakeProfit closer to the opening price.
  % of lot for second order   33.33 — Percentage of the total lot for opening a second order (the second order is the one whose TakeProfit is in second place from the opening price. The lottery of the third order is calculated according to the residual principle. If it is less than 0.01 as a result of calculations, it opens with lot 0.01.
  Opening an order   Settings block for opening orders.
  Day of the week for trading   Day of the week to trade.
  Hour to start market analysis    Hour from which to start the market analysis.
How many hours are we looking for?   After how many hour candles search entry point is terminated.
  Factor of input   Setting affecting the sensitivity to the fulfillment of conditions for opening orders.
  Factor of protect   The setting affecting the definition of the zone of permissible price movement “not in our direction.”
  Factor of securety   Setting affecting the operation of the final filtering algorithm, which cuts off orders with excessive risks.
  Escort of order   Order tracking block.
  Additive to lossless   How many paragraphs will we add when rearranging the Stoploss order to a level without a loss. (0 – order open price and Stop Loss level of the order will be the same).Possible negative values.
  Second algorithm for lossless   After closing the first order, the other two are rearranged to no loss. The robot has two permutation algorithms embedded without loss:
false – FIRST algorithm – stop loss orders of the remaining two orders are rearranged to the order opening level plus (for buy orders) and minus (for sell orders) the Additive to lossless setting value.
true   – SECOND algorithm – the stop-loss orders of the remaining two orders are rearranged to such a level that the loss upon closing these two orders on the stop-loss order and the profit obtained from closing the first order on Take Profit coincided.
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