Strike Zone Trading


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The 3-day course includes:
The 3 principles of trading – master these and you are profitable period.
The 3 elements of entry (including what defines a Strike Zone)
The 3 types of entry (identify which works best for you)
Indicators and their REAL purpose (covered in-depth w/ practical application)
The 3 types of exits – when and how to use them
The 3 aspects of Management – Trade, Risk, & Business
The 7 elements of Trade Management
The simplest, most defined Risk Management Algorithm anywhere
Simple foundational business worksheet that helps you start trading like a Pro
Opening a Demo Account – how to use it and why
MT4 – includes basics, power points, tutorials, practical application, and more
Chart examples galore – includes historical, live, and in the moment charts
A plethora of power points & video tutorials on Entries, Exits, & Management
Taxes, Tax Shelters, and Off Shore Account assistance
EDD’S (Every Day Drills) including Strike Zones, Candle Sticks, and Charting
The 3 styles of trading – identify what kind of trader you are
ALERTS! Install/Set/Trade them – becoming an Alert Trader
Impactful Algorithm that increases your position size/income step by step
Glossary of 100+ Forex Terms with their practical application meanings
Spreadsheets, Modules, over 50 pages of game-changing syllabus and more!

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