Expert: Total Lock MT4.ex4 V2.5 (Unlocked-MT4 build 1370)
Document: NO Guide

Lock is a powerful tool for saving a trader’s money.
Instead of the traditional stop loss, you can now use this robot.
The robot will place a pending lock — a counter order.
When the price moves sharply against the trader, the lock becomes a market one, and therefore the loss does not increase, but freezes at the same level.
The main position is saved and will bring profit as soon as the lock closes.
Each position is locked by a separate lock. The number of positions is not limited.
The robot can be used to insure positions in manual trading, or as an addition to another robot.

Note (Important ):
This product using custom DLL “msimg32.dll” for MT4 build 1370
Some antivirus may block it and flag it as a virus.
You need to make your antivirus “allow it”
Its a false alarm and its SAFE
,this false alarm is triggered because this is a custom DLL and not verified to any publisher but need to make this product unlocked.

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