Trade with Precision Price Action Course Silver+Bronze

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I can offer you 3 amazing packages.

If you just would like to get a taste of the trade with the fantastic ‘Precision Price Action Course’ before making the full investment,
I’d recommend to go with the BRONZE course as it is just $79.
If you later decide on continuing with the SILVER course (and I’m sure you will), you can add it anytime separately.

Package 1:
Trade with Precision Price Action BRONZE Course
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original price: $495 (bronze)
your price: $79

Package 2:
Trade with Precision Price Action SILVER Course
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original price: $3,295 (silver)
your price: $299

Package 3
Trade with Precision Price Action Course: Silver + Bronze (worth $3,790!)
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original price: $3,295 (silver) + $495 (bronze)= $3,790 (!)
your price: $375


The Trade with Precision Price Action Course will teach you 3 profitable trend following strategies which can be applied in any market or timeframe.
This offers a high degree of flexibility – as well as increasing trading opportunities – for the trader.
You will be given a comprehensive checklists for each strategy, which details exactly which technical factors must be aligned before you place a trade.
Unless you can tick all the boxes you don’t proceed with the trade, it is as simple as that.
In addition to the checklists, this excellent course will teach you a scoring system which instantly and objectively ranks each potential trade, eliminating confusion when identifying high probability trading opportunities.

You will also learn Advanced Trend Analysis to ensure you enter only on the strongest moves by assessing the very BEST trends to enter and those to leave alone and Advanced Multiple Time Frame Analysis to ensure you accurately assess the bigger picture and that your position is aligned with the intermediate and higher time frame charts.
This high-end course will also teach you simple, but extremely powerful, risk and money management techniques that profitable traders use and how to develop a trader’s mind-set by implementing an easy to follow 19 step process.


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