Gravity Pullback Strategy with V-Bounce Volume Spike Strategy


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The Gravity Pullback Strategy is designed to increase profit and minimize your risk per trade.
There’s no complicated or confusing indicators to download or to figure out how to use.
You’ll learn complete rules for multiple profit target levels to help you increase the number of winning trades.

The V-Bounce Volume Spike Strategy was extensively back-tested over the past 14 years on thousands of stocks and ETFs…
and continues to thrive in real time market conditions! Target stocks, options and ETFs that are ready for bigger price gains.

These strategies enter trades when the underlying asset is pausing or pulling back away from the trend… decreasing your risk of loss in comparison to massive profit potential.
The average profit compared to the risk per trade is 3 to 1. And if you elect to use the second profit target or use options instead… the profit potential is even higher!
Get both… the advantage of pullbacks which lower risk per trade and powerful momentum price moves without the large risk and volatility that comes with breakouts.


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