The Day Traders Fast Track Program

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Contents: Full Course with indicators for TradeStation, Ninja Trader 7, ThinkorSwim and MetaT4.

Step by step program you will learn:
-How to build a first class trading career.
-Day trading basics. What you need to know about day trading and how to choose the best trading strategy to suit your trading style.
-How to identify and execute low-risk high probability trades.
-How to easily determine market direction.
-12 of the world’s best day and swing trading strategies for high probability trading.
-Easy to learn rules based strategies for trend trading, trend continuation, breakouts and reversal points.
-How to trade pivot bounces. Another strategy the professionals trade every day.
-T1 strategy -Super Scalper, I use this strategy to pinpoint trade entries for both trend trading and counter trend trading.
-T2 strategy -Sling Shot. A brilliant trend following strategy
-T3 strategy – How to identify and trade high probability reversal trades.
-T7 strategy -Double top and double bottom trading using the T1 to confirm the trade.
-T10 strategy -Money on the floor trade sometimes called the Ka-ching setup. This is a reversal/change in trend pattern.
-T18 strategy -Multi time frame retracement and trend continuation strategy
-T19A and T19B strategies -Counter trend/divergence trading.
-T20 strategy – One of the most accurate and versatile trend following strategies you will ever learn. This strategy will get you into a trade at the start of a new trend and allow you to maximize your return on the trade with a clear exit signal.
-T25 strategy -Pure price action trend trading at its best.
—T69 strategy -Channel breakout trend trading.
—T89 strategy -Counter trend trading with using angulation to confirm the trade, I also call this Snap Back trading, my favorite counter trend/reversal point strategy.
—T98 strategy -Counter trend trading leading to a possible new trend utilizing the Zero lag and Trigger line.
—34 Bounce, 89 Bounce and 200Bounce strategies -These 3 trading strategies traded according to my rules are one of the most reliable and profitable strategies you will ever trade. I have precise rules for trading EMA bounces and they are a 75 percent plus win/loss strategy when traded according to the setup and profit taking rules.
-You will also learn:
—How to dramatically improve your trading results using an anchor chart. The top down approach.
—How to build a day trading career part time or full time.
—Which are the best technical indicators to use in day trading and the indicator settings I use allowing you to customize standard indicators.
—Clear and concise rules when to enter a trade.
—Clear and concise rules when to take profits and exit a trade.
—Clear and concise rules where to place stops.
—How to master money management and limit your risk.
—Precise methodology’s for identifying and trading with the trend and counter trend.
—How to pinpoint market turns and changes in trend with a high degree of accuracy.
—The best time frames to trade.
—How to develop the mindset of an epic day trader.
—-How to use my trade confirmation checklist.
—-How and why to use a trader’s journal.
—-How to stay focused and control the fear factor when trading.
—-How to recognize a change in trend and maximize your trade profit on the next trade.
—-And a whole lot more!


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