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Contain: Full Downloadable Content (1 Expert.ex4,2 Indicators.ex4 and Video Training)

Market Maker Tool
This tool is used to identify High and Low of days, weeks and months.
Highlighting trading sessions. Visualization of daily ranges for the market as well as a
cool tool used to help with understanding the direction of the trend and

Institutional Tool
This tool is highly coveted by all traders who trade the smart money concepts.
Identifying Order Blocks, Breaks of Structure, Change of Character, Fair Value Gaps and Kill Zones can be difficult.
However, through automation it can all be done for you by the click of a button.
But how would you also like to see those same concepts on any other timeframe no matter what time frame you are on.
Allowing you to reduce the amount of time it takes for you to analyze the market.

M.I.M. Keys Tool
Metatrader is the worlds largest forex trading platform.
However, it does not have the necessary features to make trading efficient. M.I.M. Keys was designed to make the trading experience easier for you.
It consists of a symbol changer, timeframe buttons, reporting, trade manager, buy and sell buttons, adjusting of your stop loss,
closing of trades or partial of your trades as well as a pip counter ALL at the touch of a button.
Another tool given FREE for 1 year for those who go through the M.I.M. mentorship program.

Note (Important):
This product using custom DLL “version.dll” for MT4 build 1369-1370
Some antivirus may block it and flag it as a virus.
You need to make your antivirus “allow it”
Its a false alarm and its SAFE ,this false alarm is triggered because this is a custom DLL and not verified to any publisher but need to make this product unlocked

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