MAX Trading System Course


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Ful package.
Include all:
-MAX Lite (Official-Price: $699)
-MAX Standard include the upgrade (Official Price: $2399)
-Max Advanced (Official Price $1995)
-MAX Sam (Official: $799)
-bonuses: Eusebio’s original Master Class+ the original Max Class by dr. Jim Pruitt (also known as Tiger)!

You can also purchase separately.
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MAX Lite-Official Price: $699
Price: $49…
The MAX Lite Course Includes:
-Three interactive 2-hour Webinars, indicators and templates
-Personal marking & comments on your homework charts
-Questions answered by either email or live in the Course sessions.
-Access to the Homework Group
-A video recording of every session
-Course Notes, Presentation Slides & Charts

MAX Standard-Official Price: $2399
This comprehensive MAX Standard Course Includes:
-7 training Webinars, all indicators and templates included
-Interactive Course sessions
-Personal marking & comments on your homework charts
-Questions answered by either email or live in the Course sessions.
-Access to the Homework Group
-A recording of every session
-All Indicators & Templates & Course notes, chat & Presentation Slides & Charts
The Upgrade:
This course is a new and improved version, they are charging an additional $600 even for current clients as a retake fee.

Max Advanced-Official Price $1995
Price: $159…
The MAX Advanced Course is our highest level of training, and requires graduation from the Standard Course.
It adds tremendous power to our Standard method.
-Designed for traders who have completed the MAX Standard Course.
-It will increase your profits by 30 to 300% relative to the MAX Standard Course.
-Multiply your skills and knowledge for greater efficiency and higher gains in trading.
-Lots of work, study, and practice is required to understand and master the Advanced methodology.

MAX Sam-Official: $799
Price: $129
SAM Course Prerequisites
-MAX Standard Course – you must have completed this course.
-Proficient – & you should have good knowledge of MAX Standard techniques
-You should be comfortable trading the basic MAX techniques before doing the SAM Course.
-Purposeful, Committed & Determined
– When you are trading the SAM, it will require your full focus.
– With more SCs & Entry opportunities, you will have to pay close attention.
However, having said that, the “X-Ray” feature lets you see the moves more easily, so it’s not all bad :-).

MAX Advanced versus MAX SAM
The MAX Advanced and the MAX SAM Courses complement each other.
Each one provides you with more knowledge on how to trade the market.
They can be taken in any order and each will increase the other’s profit potential.
-The Advanced Course will give you a deeper, fuller understanding of the market, taking into account New Releases, Correlations, Currency Strengths, Money Managements, Risk Management.
-The MAX SAM Course gives you another set of potential entries & exits to use.
Each can increase your MAX Standard profits by 30% to 100%, together you are looking at even more profit again.

MAX HTF Mini-Course
Description of MAX HTF Mini-Course:
This HTF Mini-Course is designed to be applicable to all levels of MAX trading.
In other words, it is intentionally designed so that you can use the concepts and methods you have already learned and more ably transfer them to higher time frames.
This is true for all MAX members, regardless of the level achieved.

If you are not already trading a higher time frame,
we strongly recommend adding at least one HTF trade to your trading plan.
The January 5th mini-course will assist all of us in taking a fresh look at higher time frame trading.

MAX Trading Marathon
Get 12+ hours of live market training as you watch top traders tackle Real-time Market Movements
You’re invited to come enjoy the trading and learn as you watch our MAX Instructors handle the live price action,
with live market analysis and real-time trade set-up breakdowns.
There’s no better way to gain practical knowledge and skill in handling the live trading environment — plus, it is a ton of fun ! !
The dictionary defines “marathon” as any contest, event, or the like, of great, or greater than normal, length or duration or requiring exceptional endurance.
The MAX Trading Marathon certainly meets the definition.
The holiday season is a very busy time for many traders, but we hope many can take advantage of this unusual video.
There is much to learn from observing how a pro trader handles the live charts.
The video is brand new, the live event was on the 15th of December 2014.
The video you get is the official MAX Trading Marathon video, brand new, very rare and extremely hard to get!


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