Trade The Price Action by Thomas Wood (Valuecharts)


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Naked Trading: Reading Price Action: How to Trade Price Action Trends
Thomas Wood (the author of the course) has been active in trading for the past eight years.
He has continued to learn new trading strategies and utilise the latest technical indicators (while inventing some of his own) to become a profitable trader.
He is also the director of ValueCharts.
And by the way, Thomas is only 25 years old.
And he quickly became one of the youngest and most sought after hedge fund managers in the industry.
Child prodigy? Perhaps.
But lots of well-heeled investors seem not too concerned with Thomas’s age… once they experience the kinds of portfolio returns he’s created for them.
What is Thomas’s secret to success? Well, he has several, but the main one is:
He Keeps Things Simple! And truth be told, that is the exact same secret held by some of the savviest,
most consistently profitable traders and investors in the markets.
Thomas has agreed to reveal a handful of his most powerful trading strategies to a select few lucky traders.
Now you can be one of them. Order the Trade The Price Action video course and learn how to trade price action simply and effectively.

Video Content:
-What is “Naked Trading”?
-How Does Naked Trading benefit you?
-Why you need to stop looking for the next holy grail indicator.
-How To determine Market direction
-What is a High/Low and Low/High Reversal?
-Highest Probability Channel Breakouts
-Trends and Micro Trends – How To Skip False Signals
-Consolidation Patterns, Which Way Will They Break.
-Entering Second Breaks, When Is A Market Running Stops
-Why Indicators Are Clouding Your Judgment


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